[Unreal Engine] [Onhold] SES: Prototype [v0.1] [Ardarius]

Sep 13, 2017
I dont get why you people are so impressed. There is nothing here.
Definitely not "100/10 best gaem evur"

Maybe this would save someone some bandwidth.


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Game Developer
Jan 28, 2018
Hey @Martin Klovanek, thanks for checking out my project, I'm sorry that you didn't liked it. It's true that there is small amount of content for users (for now), I'm using most of my time to create advanced systems which will help me create future content in small amount of time. Treat this project a lot more like a lot of mini-games.
I will try my best to make it more interesting, although it may be a little hard with time I have :(

Btw. for everyone who is interested in SES: Prototype, my eyes got a lot better, I still have some free time from my freelance work and I'm working on v0.1a update!
There is some of the changelog

0.1a ChangeLog (for upcoming version 0.1a):
Main Menu and Prototype choice room:
-Added portals instead of white lights in Prototype Room
-Walls and menu is less emissive, which is better for eyes.

New content:
-Energy shield and stamina for starship
-New VFX for blaster explosions
-Warp drive
-Simple models of Pirate, Cargo and SpaceFederation starships
-Mission "Save Cargoship from SpacePirates",
this is intro to prision BDSM future content with alien girl where I will test more advanced rig for better animations.

-Fixed starship physics collision with asteroids, ship is no longer doing a lot of 360* rotations after collision and asteroid will be destroyed which will cost one energy shield.

Animation (didlo room)
New content:
-Controllable masturbation scene before dildo.
-Sex scene: front pussy ridding with controllable speed and boobs size as a testing of customization system, (available through dialogue map)
-Sex scene: Back anal ridding with controllable speed, (available through dialogue map)
-Sex scene: Missionary with controllable masturbation (available through dialogue map)
-Protos mesh is more highpoly, edges looks smoother. (will affect performance a little, in future I will add custom options in graphics settings to choose from mid poly to h poly).
Also I made some progress in combat system, so it may be faster than I throught.
The v0.1a should be ready in few days :)

Oct 19, 2018
got to fuck some greek named hot girl in the ass raw doggy
shoot a bow
pilot a spaceship
and now dark souls styled combat is coming

very nice man


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Oct 6, 2017
God my damn this game will be a hell of a enjoyment while it improve further. The graphics are so good as much as see from screen shots (Not the penis tho, it looks like a pipe). I see you are working on this alone with a limited time although you did a great job with this game as I can see.

I will get into the game developing in no time as soon as I get my new much powerful rig (at least more powerful than I have right now). I hope to create a game that can be admirable for other people.


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Dec 23, 2017
This game was weird anyway. Spaceships, brick walls, archery, storage rooms that look like from 80s Ukraine... what kinda game was he meaning to build here? Its just random shit from some asset store slapped together with some sex animations that I never even got to see while playing it.

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