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Nov 23, 2017
I'm sorry but i really got to know... what is so appealing of blobby bodies like this? just wondering cause you can get the idea of the skeletal body structure of the character, and if it was made to look natural i could see the appeal, but this just looks like tubs of lard was stuffed in just for exaggeration. I am genuinely curious, not meaning to offend.
Extremely large and curvy bodies have been symbols of fertility throughout human history and most things that attract males can be linked to fertility somehow.

That's my opinion at least.
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Nov 29, 2018
any option evolving her to Sakuyamon? I'm not quite fan of furry
Lmfao, furries don't give two shits about Sakuyamon. It's only the Rookie/Child (Renamon), Champion/Adult (Kyubimon), and Ultimate/Perfect form (Taomon).

Sakuyamon gets no love from furries. If it doesn't have fur, scales, or any kind of animalistic traits, they don't want jack shit to do with it. Either that or they'll sneak said features onto her.
4.00 star(s) 1 Vote