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Apr 25, 2017
this turned into forced shitty ntr and cuckold now, since you need to let the sister sleep with the boss to get a photo of him cheating...

@jande21 you should add the tags in the game for future players, now this goes to my ignore list .
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Feb 2, 2018
I think anal disgusting. has nothing to do with eroticism. and does not fit into the game here. At least not at this time. of 10 women may like 2 anal sex. all others say it just to not disappoint the friend. Anal comes from the gay scene ...

And because so many men want anal, I do not wonder that many women have lesbian interest

and the game is very prude. and it does not go on. Now BJ is possible with Elena. and has this rape scene. Which has already hurt the game a lot. it just does not match the course of the game.
Well i love anal. If you hate it so much, then dont play this game.
Anal is one of the most erotic things you can do. Thats a fact and your opinion doesnt change that. These games are played by males mostly and yes we like anal a lot. So thats perfectly fine.

Guess what, Sex isnt always equally arousing for both. Sometimes one human being is pleasuring his/her partner and the only joy indirectly comes from that. Same goes to blowjobs and pussy licking. If you are only focusing on your own pleasure when you think about sex you are very selfish.

Maybe there are so many gays because women are too selfish and dont know how to do a blowjob right?

Rape is awesome too. Many women fantasize about it. Sex is not only about love but also about power and domination. Thats the reason why something like BDSM exists.

It seems like you are a woman, at least that would totally fit your whiny attitude. If that is true you should stop complaining about a porn game and just go the fuck out anywhere you want and tell a guy to fuck you. If you dont do that, its your problem.

Aaron Kent

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Oct 14, 2018
i realy need to know how to get that pic from annie....
supermodel? when elena comes to youre room in the morning,,go next tuesday to her room talk to her,,buy a camera and repeat this every tuesday..
To get the pic you need to visit annie at 2300 in her room. Because of my game it appears on random don't know about you guys. Aim for the where the yellow circle is above her nipple. You will find another option above her mouth.


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Jun 5, 2018
loved the animations and the quality of the renders. But damn, the grind on the game is like too much. Repeating everything 20x times.


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May 4, 2017
i cannot click "wake her up" to elena after party event. it stands there but i can only use her anal or go to bed
I have this problem too. the first time i choose anal. Now i have a lot more than 250 sym but game can not me click on wake her up circle


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Jan 31, 2018
The .16-wt mentioned a new "Anya"-scene. Who is and where can we find Anya?
Your sister, Annie, the additional scene it's inside the balcony scene with Elena and Chris, Sunbath for two event.
Anya it's the russian version name for Annie.


Apr 15, 2019
To get the pic you need to visit annie at 2300 in her room. Because of my game it appears on random don't know about you guys. Aim for the where the yellow circle is above her nipple. You will find another option above her mouth.
i would love to c a pic of that one....i dont have that choice after the niple.....and yes its random..if bill is there leave the room and go back in
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Feb 8, 2018
may i ask if is there any update like a file or idk what you call it like the other games has so that we don't need to download again anymore because 9gb is really big like in my country the net here sucks or is there any torrent link for this?


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Jun 18, 2017
Is there a trick or something to be able to take a picture of Annie with my dick in her mouth???


Aug 5, 2017
Quick question: anyone know which scene <eventDoughBlow2> is? I'm pretty sure I've gone through all the BJ scenes in the walkthrough but that's still not set in my save file. It'd help narrow down what I'm missing at least.

Narrowed it down from the WT
1: Friday morning in the bathroom
2: Time to sleep?
3: Work at home (weekends in her room)
4: Hot cheerleader (wed 18:00)
5: Goodnight Kiss

E: Apparently #2 is an alternate path in the Time to Sleep event. I've gotten that marked as "completed", but I don't see any option to ask for a BJ.
E2: I found it, it wasn't triggering for me before but it's after you have her go first, join her, then don't [skip] to the shower scene.
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