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Dec 24, 2017
Just now started playing the intro:

So the Apocalypse is brought on from a Lack of toilet paper? Civilization Collapses Because "People simply stopped wiping". Oh My..... This is just pure comedy gold!
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Dec 9, 2018
Yeah, thanks. I released game in public for the feedback like this. It's my first "open-world like" game, so for now i know nothing about economy balance.
That's completely fair, but try to consider every interaction from the perspective of the player. 15 cans at 75 paper a pop means the player has to grind the job more than a hundred times before they can even go on the first quest. Why would anyone—even people who enjoy grind-heavy games—want to sit through that?
As you say, balancing the game economy is tricky and takes practice, but consider the purpose of any grind you introduce: Is it just there to stagger and spread out the rest of the game content, to add extra playing time, or does it have a play value in itself?


Nov 27, 2018
This is another game that's too early in development for me to feel comfortable actually rating and reviewing. On top of that, it's a 'sissification' game without the tag, and that's not really my jam either, so I probably won't be rating this at all, as it'd be unfair to the dev. I don't rate games that are in genres that don't appeal to me, as I think that's a pointless and dickheaded thing to do. I downloaded this because it had tags that DID appeal to me, such as 'Male Dom', 'Post Apocalyptic', 'Combat', 'Sexual Harassment/Rape' and '3DCG'. Well, male domination ain't been implemented yet, and the majority of the game is just centered around the MC being a sissy (I mean that in the sexual term, not as an insult) and that's not something I'm into. However, I downloaded it, and gave it the old college try, and I do believe I've played all content currently available, so I'll leave some thoughts.

If 'Elone Muks' could've been changed to 'Elaine', I would've had a slightly better time. Futa/Dominant Woman on Chick, I'm down for. Futa/Dominant Woman on dude, not so much. The 'futa' part can be turned off, but you're punished for it towards the end by having to continue working as a male whore until you save up $100 when you could've just blown a chick in an alley. Overall, I don't recommend turning off the dick thing because you're cutting out half the content in the game and the game was clearly intended to have lots of dicks in it in the first place.

You WILL have to work as a male whore in order to proceed with the game. There's no way around it. Every item in the game is extraordinarily expensive (a single shotgun shell is $50 [or 50 'paper', this universe's currency, which I did find amusing], a single canister of gas is $75 and you'll need at least 3 Canisters to leave the town once, it will cost $2k to fill your gas tank, etc.).

Oh, but wait, you have the option to work in the scrap factory! No male prostituting required! Yeah, for $1 a day. All day. It would literally take you 225 in-game days just to save up enough money to leave town once. No, the scrap factory option is put into place as a joke. Let's not beat around the bush, regardless of the option to turn it off, the game is designed for anyone that wants to watch a guy get dominated by women and fucked with a bunch of dicks in a post-apocalyptic, 'Mad Max' style setting.

So, the male prostitution bit. Personally, everything about the sex scenes are a bust here for me, regardless of whether or not you remove the dicks at the beginning. Everything is in first person so most of the time you're just staring at (optional dicks) and butts and pussy, or your own hairy butt as you get ass-fucked by a futa. The dialogue is not particularly erotic (it doesn't divert much from variations of 'Mmm, good boy, eat/swallow that pussy/ass/dick/cum' followed by the MC gurgling. The second town you visit, the girls are not quite as interested in domination, but most of the scenes you'll find are currently in the first town anyway. There is an option to buy a slave in the market, but currently there are no slaves to buy in either of the two starting towns. Male whoring nets you $10 to $12 a bang, and takes a couple of in-game hours.

After a while I just turned on 'Skip Unseen Dialogue' in the settings and tabbed through hundreds of prostitution scenes until I had enough money to buy
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After that I headed off on the main mission task of driving over to the next town in order to gain favor with the first town by relaying information.

Car combat is about what you'd expect from a Ren'Py game. It plays like a Pen-and-Paper RPG battle, with RNG implemented for damage when ramming cars and getting rammed. If you're lucky (or pressing BACK a lot) you can shoot the driver of an enemy vehicle and cause them to crash, taking out at least one enemy car immediately. It's pretty fun for what it is. I liked that bit.

The story ends relatively quickly after reaching the second town. The rendering in the game is not terrible, but not great. It's a mixture of a lot of filtering and what looks to be character models from Fallout: New Vegas. I'm sure they're not, they might be from Honey Select, F:NV is just what it reminded me of.

Atmosphere-wise, the game is perfectly fine. It feels appropriately dirty and grimy and desperate, though I'd hope the dev eventually cuts down some on the heavy filtering. Everything outside of the sex scenes looks like it's been coated in twenty layers of sand and shit, when ten layers would've sufficed, I think. The writing is fine, with very few misspellings. The prologue has some issues, like '2020 Year' and 'All these global problems led to the fact that people constantly bought a lot of food and toilet paper' (how would global problems lead to that? I think what was intended was that the global problems were caused by that fact), but these are nitpicks. The story is a little humorous and certainly understandable. I was never at a loss as to what was happening.

If the dev keeps putting work into this, I feel like it'll find its audience. There are a ton of female dom/transgender/sissification games on F95 that I've avoided that I know are quite popular, and this game has plenty of potential to draw in that same audience. I might recommend cutting the initial prices a little or raising the pay scale for prostitution once there's more story so that players can get started faster, and people don't feel inclined to skip through hundreds of sex scenes, but the hidden cache really was a useful thing to put in there early on.

I wish the dev all the luck and big, floppy futa dicks they can take. I really do hope this game is successful, there is clearly a lot of hard work being done here.
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Feb 1, 2020
I played this game for femdom tag but I don't like this type of scenes (It looks like Darktoz's games) and grinding is exhausting. Cool game but in my opinion needs to be improved.
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Dec 12, 2018
is it like you can choose if you want to be dom or sub becuse am a sub and this game looks cool just need to know if i can not dom anyone and be sub :D i wrote a commet but i saw i messed up my writing and said i was dom wich am not haha but if this game will have alot of content for subs i might even think about supporting becuse this agein looks awsome :D
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Nov 25, 2017
I was going to give a bit of feedback, but then I found out that Alleyway said mostly what I was gonna say, would add that the toilet paper joke gets too far when it should have ended midway and that it doesn't truly make sense to give an option to disable futa, even more when some main characters in the future are gonna be futanaris.
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