Mar 12, 2019
I tried changing clothes and exiting the game and going back in but she still wears the same clothes. Only on the stats screen does it change. So is there anyway to do it in the game?


Jan 9, 2019
As you might have guessed by the number of people saying "full screen" and "change resolution", this game has a severe problem with matching the size of the game screen to your monitor. In that it makes no effort to do so.

This has major problems for gameplay. If you wish to determine if your monitor happens to be the right size for this game, start it up, and walk over to the first "customer". After an initial dialogue, talk to him again, and there should be a new button at the top that allows you to start the scene.

I don't know what this button says, since I can only very barely see very bottom edge of the button. There are also some UI elements in the top left that are off screen- I have no idea what those are, obviously. If you find similar issues... well... either delete the game or fly blind. Your choice.

The game otherwise seems like it WOULD be nice, with heavy amounts of voice acting, decent art, etc. I am unsure if the mechanics hold up as you go along, since I couldn't stand to mess with it past the first interaction because of the resolution issues.


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Oct 16, 2016
I tend to search those games in the official dlsite english site. If it's there, most of the times it's in f95.
Thats limiting as hell my dude. There's so many other fan translated ones on here that are actually often times better than those that get official translations.
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