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Joseph wert

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Jul 21, 2017
Look Ik I'd be asking a lot but I wish you could have the option to turn the mc into a futa or herm I'm not really into trap but I do like the story of this game i don't mean to be rude or ask for to much all I'm really asking is if it would be possible

Mr Technician

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Apr 30, 2018
Joseph wert - i will be honest with you. This is possible only if Maj & Alis will decide to do it. Please don't ask Jorja who is brilliant artist to learn how to program games from scratch in Shockwave Flash (becouse that would be needed).
Jorja will not answer your post, just being simply too polite to do that - so i am aswering. And Jorja's mod is not about recoding a game but making graphics awesome. And i bellieve it was archived already long time ago...
It's not simply done by coding few things. With already existing graphics - new changes made to Hiro appearance would need at least one copy more of every graphic Hiro having already in game: vagina / tits and/or "variables".
I am also sure of that in the future someone next beside you will come with another idea/request, like "please i want to have mc with tits, vagina, but no dick - and looking like a bimbo sex doll". That would be adding another shitton of graphics to already 800 MB game file.
Games are simply not made like that. Every game created by the authors have it's own target of content and audience in their heart and mind. This game is about guy, looking like a beutifull girl in a world of futas, fighting them, or surrender to them becoming sloot at the end. It is unique fantasy as unique as game itself which is one of kind. It is hard almost to impossible to find games like this. But there are also other games here.
But if you like more freedom of mc becoming anything you like best way will be to play Trials in Tainted Space, and i'm recommending it - which gives you more freedom on deciding what type of character you wanna be. And there are so many variations of that in TiTS... Yet it is totally different game in looks, more like reading - and it has shitton of hot texts, descriptions of sex scenes. It's like million and million kinks and fetishes to read and enjoy! And it's also very sci-fi and futuristic game.
I also shared a link to download and play newest version of TiTS for the community of f95zone (yes it's patreon's build for backers, not availlable if you are non-supporter).
TiTS have got also a when you can find many things about this game.
Also if you are interested i am sharing description of my current futa build in TiTS in a spoiler below. I decided to develop as an exhibitionist futa, human/demon/angel hybrid.
You started your journey as a human, but you’ve become an amazoness over the course of your adventures. You’re a good 6 feet and 1 inches tall by ancient imperial measurements and 1.85 meters in the more accepted metric system. Right now, you’re wearing a suit of armor constructed from an active gray goo, using a hardlight anti-gravity thong for underwear, and girding your upper body with a hardlight anti-gravity bra. Your outfit leaves little to the imagination, revealing your breasts, crotch and ass to the world.

Your suit of armor is silvery-gray, with an appearance of smooth, tight latex and has a Steele Tech logo emblazoned on each shoulder. Lines of shining silver trace the surface in a design very similar to a printed circuit board. Overall, it has a crystalline shine to it, adopted from an encounter with a ganrael. Unlike a full body suit, your outfit leaves your tits, groin and ass cheeks exposed to the elements—that is, if not for the hardlight anti-grav bra and hardlight anti-grav thong you are wearing underneath.

Your face is human in shape and structure, with smooth, pink skin. Overall, your visage has a jaw-droppingly feminine shape with voluptuous lips, an adorable nose and long, beautiful eyelashes. Green-colored eyes allow you to take in your surroundings without trouble. Your long, black ponytail looks good on you, accentuating your features well. A pair of four-inch long pointed horns has broken through the smooth skin on your forehead, proclaiming some demonic taint to any who see them.

You have a humanoid upper body with the usual torso, arms, hands, and fingers, and four wings sprout from your back, each covered in wonderfully soft black feathers and big enough to be worn like a robe when all four are folded over your body. They’re arranged so they don’t get in each other’s way when spread, thus you can still glide with them. You are soaked from top to bottom with thick layers of goopey spunk, making your messy sexcapades obvious to everyone around you. Parts of your body emit aphrodisiac-laced pheromones, enticing potential mates. You have ample hips that blend into the rest of your thick form, and your tush wobbles like a bowl full of jello as you go. There’s a barcode on your left butt cheek, forever marking you as the property of Belle and Accu-Pitch Labs. To highlight your vulgarity, a tattoo is permanently printed on your lower back, advertising how much of a slut you are to anyone who sees it. A narrow tail ending in a spaded tip curls down from your rump, wrapping around your leg sensually at every opportunity. When aroused, its tip opens to reveal a thick human cock. Two normal human legs extend below your waist, ending in normal human feet. Your pudgy belly would just barely push past the waistband of a pair of pants. It’s a little bit of a muffin-top.

You have two breasts, capped with one 1.2-inch nipple each. The rather huge areolae are pink. Your jugs have a noticable amount of white milk inside them now. Before long, they’ll start swelling. You could easily fill a DD-cup bra.

Your sexual equipment is located at your humanoid waist. Your dick is 20 inches long and four inches across when fully erect. A nearly empty sack with two cantaloupe-sized testicles swings heavily beneath your pierced cock. You estimate each testicle to be about 17 inches around and 5.3 inches across.

You have a pink, human cunt, with one 0.5-inch clit. Thick streams of fem-spunk drool constantly from the massive hole that is your slobbering, pink pussy. The exterior lips are normal and feminine for the most part. The whole thing is freakishly fat and overflowing your lap with womanly flesh. There is no use hiding that colossal beachball of a cunt under your clothing.

You have one anus, placed between your cheeks where it belongs with immense streams of lubricant gushing profusely from the orifice, unrestrained and unending. Your soft and puffy donut of a pucker protrudes obscenely, like a pubic mound that rubs against your buns with every movement you make .
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