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Aug 5, 2016

You are a new Mutant who has the ability to be immune to all other Mutant powers including the girl with the deadly touch Rogue. She's intrigued and susceptible to your influence so you can either play nice and show her the love she's been missing or train her to be your lap dog.​

Thread Update: 2019-07-16
Release Date: 2019-07-15
Developer: Oni
Censored: No
Version: 0.983d
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
2DCG, Male Protagonist, Parody, School Setting, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Stripping, Handjob, Titfuck, Masturbation, Corruption, Superpowers, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Group Sex, Bukkake, Animated, Creampie, Groping, Interracial, Sci-fi, Footjob, POV, MILF, Lesbian, Male Domination, Romance, Big Tits

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Rogue-Like.exe" to start playing.

The first is an update to the showering system, now if you shower with girls, some more interactions can take place. Let me know if the actions seem to work out ok. Note that you can't do this more than once per time block for full payoffs.

The second is that from the "Flirt" options you can now say "I love you." You probably want to avoid this early in a relationship, it might be a turn-off, but later on, especially after the girl's warmed up to you, it might be nice. Let me know how this one is working out at various relationship phases.

Also, fixed a bug that was happening when leaving the showers in some cases, and. . . a display bug with Laura's leg and with one of her fondling animations, and. . . all the girls should have artwork for cum on their chests and the ability to choose that option, and. . . maybe some other stuff, I forget. There might be a version d, even with no more bugs, We'll see.

[to be added]

Ok, I've been getting this really odd glitch that I need to get some more eyes on. It's something to do with Laura's BJ animations. Try them out and see if you can figure out what's causing the glitch to occur. I think it only happens when you're alone and in a private room.

Ok, so this one might get tricky. I've added some new stuff, some kind of complicated stuff, and hopefully it won't break too much, although some saves might be impacted. Let me know what the error messages are if they do.

The first thing this patch does is add some more behavioral checks in during threesomes. It makes it so that if things start out relatively innocent, but then get dirty, a more timid secondary character is more likely to quit, and likewise, it should reduce cases in which a second girl in a scene can get away with molesting a timid lead girl without consequences. This will likely lead to more scenes ending in failure, but hopefully in deliberate failure that makes sense rather than in ugly crashes. :D Give me feedback on this one, both the hard crash type stuff, but also cases in which a scene breaks down when you think it would reasonably have continued, or when you think you've gotten away with something that probably shouldn't have worked.

The second thing I added is that I significantly increased the combinations of things you can do with "post orgasm" options in threesomes. You now have the option of having the second girl clean you off, and in either case, both are likely to help. You can now also have the second girl clean off the first, which can be fun. I've done some initial testing and cleared out the more immediate bugs, but I imagine there will still be some cases where this can get things all confused up, so please report situations in which, say, the "wrong" girl seems to be in the lead after one of these actions or something. I do want to add the ability to choose which girl to cum on, but that'll have to wait a little bit.

There are various other little crash fixes and bug fixes too.

-A couple crashes in Kitty's "yoink" activity.
-Not being able to swap to Laura in chats
-Laura's wristbands behaving oddly or getting called gloves (let me know if any of that still happens)
-A crash error related to Laura and studying
-Laura's "give me your panties" should work now
-Laura should return to a normal pose during the lesbian make-out if she helps clean you off, although I still need to optimize her pose in those scenes.

(A little something risky)
Ok, this build fixes a few bugs, but it also fundamentally changes everything, in a way that if it works as intended, none of you will even notice.

So, hopefully everything will just keep working as intended. If you notice any stats behaving oddly, like shooting up too fast or not moving when you think they should, let me know. Maybe Thrans run through your walkthrough and see if you get vaguely the same results.

But that aside, I also fixed a bug allowing girls to have a threesome with herself, the " L_Intentory " bug, a bug related to using colognes around Laura, one bug in the jiz cleanup code that could result in a weird stat swap, and some out of sync stats in Laura's dating system.

So, what can you find in this new version?:

-Laura has a lot of new content. She has her chat menus, wardrobe, dating, studying, showering, sleepovers, kissing, fondling, HJs, BJs, masturbation, etc. She should now start wandering the school like the other girls.
-I also added a new outfit for Laura, a jacket, skirt, corset, lace panties, and stockings (with and without garterbelt).
-Kitty has a new flirting mechanic that isn't active in the first build, but I hope to finish up within the next couple patches, as well as some other small content for Laura.

Known Issues:
-Laura's BJ animations might have some janky transitions between them if you swap speeds a lot, I think it's a memory/caching thing, trying to figure out the best way to fix that.
-More of a concern than a known issue, but if you find yourself in a scenario where Laura is doing a sex act that isn't listed above, and doesn't seem to work quite right, let me know, it may be one that isn't "built" yet and I left some loophole in to reach it.
m. It may not fix saves that are already into the "morning" phase, but should at least fix new sleepover attempts. If the errors keep coming, I'll try something else. ;) I should point out, if those errors do keep occurring, I don't need the full traceback, just let me know the first bit where it says the file and line number and type of error.

It also makes some tweaks to the clothing girls wear while in the shower room, I made some changes intended to prevent them staying in their towels all day, but they may have gone a bit further than necessary, so I scaled it back. Let me know if there are still cases of the girls showing up in towels in places where this is unexpected. I also made a tweak that should correct issues in which while the girls were masturbating, if you came they would get out of position, and not return to their intended positions afterward.

Ok, with any luck this build will work well enough to consider it a success and I can move full speed into 0.982. I have been working on some small projects along the side, of course, but there are a few "systemwide teardowns" that I want to get into and that would be too disruptive to do mid-cycle. Nothing too apocalyptic, just a bunch of little tweaks across the whole thing that could get messier than I'd want in a current release. Anyway, what does this build fix? Maybe some clothes-changing issues, we'll see. A few typo-like things, an issue that may have been occurring with the relationship system causing doubled-up entries, mostly minor stuff.

I did make a slightly larger change to the showering systems, so that girls can now walk in on you partway through. I did some testing on it and found quite a few errors, but let me know if I missed any. Also, since this kept coming up, I removed the volume controls in the settings (since the game has no audio anyway). If and when I ever do add any audio, I can pop it back in easy. At some point over the next few days we'll probably have some broader discussions about what you guys would like to see in upcoming versions.

Ok, I'm trying to remember what bug fixes went into this one, a lot of them are little tweaks here and there. I made some tweaks to the dating system so that it will warn you if you're wandering around in the evening while having a date to go to, and if the girl in question is in the room with you in the evening then she will tell you it's time to go. Have fun with that one.

Two content additions from c are that I changed the way dripping effects work, that should be fun to play with, and I changed the way dirty talk works during sex. Now all three girls you can toggle this option on and off (assuming you have the stats for it), and it should behave a bit more naturally, with less chance of a line not fitting the scene, and a better balance between primary and secondary girls. Let me know what you think. They do default to "off" right now, so you'll have to manually turn them on in the chat settings. I will probably default them to "on" in the next major version, but doing so right now would be a bit of a mess and not worth it (due to the way I update semi-permanent stats).

Ok, I'd consider this one to be a somewhat risky build, I believe that I fixed a few things, but I also added some new features which might cause their own issues.

New Features:
-You can now have two girls dancing at a time. There are a few things I might add or tweak about this, but as it stands, when you start the activity, they just dance, no stripping. You can allow this to continue for some minor relationship gains, or get them to start stripping. You can tell them to stop stripping and just dance at any time as well. If you push a girl into stripping past where she is comfortable, she might leave, or if one girl strips past where the other girl is comfortable that might cause her to take off. If both girls stop dancing or you hit "stop" then it ends.

-I added an option where the second girl in a scene will now have a portion of her status bar displaying below the primary one, allowing you to more easily track her progress. This is also something I plan to tweak a bit, but it should be fun to play with. If you ever see both bars the same color, let me know the steps leading to that, because that might indicate something going wrong that was previously a bit difficult to track (it would lead to issues like the wrong girl talking during a scene or other weirdness).

-Rogue's stockings should finally work during sex scenes. Hopefully.

-Some of the characters saying "0" or "1" during menu dialogs should be fixed, if you ever see this happening, please let me know what the activity was, and what the line of dialog before that was, as well as a menu item that is in the list. I know what causes this one, but might have missed one.

-Some other stuff.

Ok, cleared up a few bugs, an issue where Rogue's stockings weren't staying on, an issue where Emm'a pants and underwear were staying on during sex, some "list" errors, I think I nailed down that "room is full" error people were reporting, the "E_Kiss" bug with Emm'a relationship dialogs. . . I think that's most of it. Oh, and taking a study session in any room other than Emma's may have been bugged in the previous builds, it should work better now, but saves inside study sessions might still be a bit glitchy.

Someone reported that when Rogue and Kitty were sleeping over, Emma showed up at some point in the morning. I made a change that might fix it but I'm still not entirely sure what's causing that one, so if anyone has that happen, try to take note of as many details as possible about exactly what steps happen before Emma gets involved.

Ok, made some updates that should reduce the number of index out of range errors. You should also be able to enter Emma's room from the "follow her" and date scenes. Might still be some more, but at least Emma's BF thing should work. Should also clear up some character positioning issues. Let me know what other problems emerge.

There is apparently an outstanding issue with Rogue's stockings and garter-belt coming off when having sex, I fixed it for the next one though.

New Features:
- Emma now has the option to have sex with her, as well as anal sex, and titjobs. Let me know if there are any issues with the animations or text flow for these.
- Emma now has the potential to do sexual things in public or with the other girls (previously I tried to hard block these options). There should be dialog involved expressing her misgivings, and you'll have to overcome that in various ways. Let me know how these interactions feel, or if something seems out of place.
- Emma's chitchat options are in place, and can interact with the above described additions.
- There is a new system for dating in place. You can now ask for a date any time of the day, but then have to meet the other person in the university square in the evening (don't stand them up). You can also double date by asking more than one girl out (up to two only). Of course this might cause complications. There are a lot of ways this system can go, so please try out your options.
- Rogue has a new sex option.
-Maybe other stuff? I forget. I might update this list is someone says "was this new?" ;)

Known Issues:
-Emma still has no room (let me know if the game ever makes it seem like you're in her room or something, and how you got there.)
-Emma is missing several clothing pieces when in her sex/TJ poses, so they might appear and disappear as she shifts in and out of these poses without commentary. Just roll with it. Eventually these items will be in.

Ok, with any luck, this will be a non-broken version. I went through and removed some options from Emma's wardrobe (because the art wasn't in for them yet), but don't worry they will go back in when they do exist. If you have her in a towel anywhere in the game, try to change out of that, because the art isn't in yet and it throws errors, but in most cases that should no longer be available anyway. I also added an option in the store to buy Rogue's stockings and garterbelt option, which I'd set to unlock during certain relationship milestones, but since it was added late, some players may have missed it on their savegames. It does require you to have her total stats about half maxed out though to unlock it in the store. Once unlocked you should be able to use them in the wardrobe like normal. I should point out that these, and a few other hose types, do not function during the sex scenes, this is because currently they cause clipping issues with the animations. This may not be impossible to fix, but will at least take some time, so I'll work on it. Let me know if there are still any outstanding bugs, or even mediocre bugs, and I'll try to patch them up before investing fully into the next version.

Ok, with any luck, this one should iron out some bugs. Emma will appear more often outside of class, detention will be slightly more common, the character placement should be even smoother, I added a few tweaks to various systems, it's nothing major that's entirely new to this build, although the showers do work slightly differently. I also made a tweak to the way Emma is displayed in class, which might improve performance while she's at the podium, although that's purely guesswork on my part. Oh, and I did add the ability to ask Emma and Rogue for their panties, if anyone was interested in that. I also got the art for Emma's shower scene, but still have a bit more to do before adding that in.

Ok, so this one includes some (I think) nifty changes to the way the game checks for character locations, and will hopefully pick up some more of the issues of characters announcing things while out of the room, as well and ensuring that you can't have more than two girls in a scene at a time, or more than two girls in a party at once.

Now, if there are already two girls in the room, you should not be able to call a new one over, and if another girl does show up on her own, one of the current ones should leave (although party members are prioritized over new arrivals).

It also swaps the UI bar over to at least one of the girls already in the room, rather than sticking on someone who isn't even there (although you can still manually flip it back if you like).

Things to check out for in this build:
- If there are ever all three girls in a single room, let me know. If Emma is at the podium in the classroom, that doesn't count, that's a special case, but she should not be standing there at full size next to the other two. If you ever do get into that situation, let me know the order of events that led there.
-If Emma allows for a sexual encounter when in public or around the other girls. Eventually, she will be ready for that, but right now a lot of those systems aren't set up for her. If you get busy with another girl while she's in the room, she should wander off immediately, if you try to engage her with another girl around, or in public, she should refuse. If you can manage to get her going against those rules, let me know the order of events that led there.

As for "why only two girls per scene?" Currently, that's all that the mechanics are intended to handle, there's the primary girl you're dealing with, and then a secondary girl that is also there. A third girl is either ignored by the system or causes errors. I don't really plan for that to change any time soon, but then who knows.

Various other small bugs were fixed in this, like a few lines of dialog that weren't displaying right, a bug with Emma's reaction to public sex, a bug where Xavier was watching your bedrooms a little too closely, etc., most of the stuff brought up in the last thread.

This build should correct some cases of girls telling you that they're changing clothes when not in the scene, it should have more natural character placements during the intro scene and during scenes in general (more toward the middle than toward the far right side), maybe some better placements during sex positions, fixed Xavier's office using some too-early graphics, and tweaked a bunch of different stuff that came up in the last build. Anyway, give it a shot.

edit: just added a small change that fixes an issue with trying to feel Emma up while making out with her. If you already have version C, you can either redownload it, or just don't do that until the next build.

edit 2: ok, third try, this new one should fix the sleepwear issues mentioned in the comments.

Ok, I'm not sure what was causing some people to not encounter Emma, but here's a new version that will hopefully allow her to show up after any afternoon class, among other things. Also, I added the ability to add and remove her gloves, and removed the sleepwear option, since she doesn't really work with that yet.

Already at B, just hours after release. This is gonna be one of those where we go through half the alphabet.

Ok, thanks to a flurry of quick bug reports, here's a new version. Again, probably still bugs, so maybe avoid this one unless you want to bug test, more stable builds will be on the way.

Check the logs from the last one to see what major changes are in the version overall, but here's what's changed between 0.978 and 0.978a:

-Emma has a chance to randomly appear after class, and is more likely to give you detention. Expect some tweaks to this in later builds, but this at least makes it easier to test things.

-Kitty's Footjob scene should work now, variables should be fixed, and I added an option for when orgasming.

-The Lesbian scenes should allow you to properly change their activities, and I also added one to let you change what Kitty is doing. Let me know if there are any oddities there. Also I toned down the dirty talk on the secondary girl a bit.

-I forgot to mention, but I added a dirty talk addition. I'm not 100% happy with how this flows and will likely tweak the order of events here, but it's kind of fun.

-I believe I removed the option for Emma to spend the night. That should not be available yet since some of the subsystems involved have not yet been updated for her. Let me know if you can still convince her to stay over.

-If you see an "[E_like]" error, let me know what you were doing at the time, it would result from Emma trying to say something in a dialog sequence that shouldn't be available at the moment (because it hasn't been edited to fit her).

>-Ok, first off, WARNING, this is the first pass and will likely have plenty of bugs to it that I hadn't managed to nail down. Do not download this build if you just want to have fun with a stable game, this is more for people who want to test out bugs and report them so they can be fixed. I'll try to put out better and better builds over the next few days and ideally have a relatively stable one within a weeks or so.

>So what's new?:
>-Emma now has more interactions available. She will show up in class every day after you meet her, and sometimes after class. She might interfere in your romantic actions in class. She will initially be a bit standoffish and hard to talk to, but after certain conditions are met, a lot more of her options will open up.
>-In this build, Emma will be able to [Spoilers follow] flirt, strip, masturbate, and be fondled.This is sometimes easier than other times. She is much less likely to do anything in public, and will not currently do anything with the other girls. More options will become available as development continues. She also has a "wet look" hairdo available, although she doesn't currently use the public showers or

Danger Room.
>-A new "Watch them do lesbian stuff" option has been added between Rogue and Kitty. It currently only works with Rogue in the lead and Kitty in the room, but it should be fairly easy to expand to work the other way. I just wanted to have it tested thoroughly before that.
>-A new "foot job" option has been added for Kitty. I do plan on adding this to the other girls eventually, but it's not in at the moment.
>-A new chibi UI appears in the lower left corner. This will display when your cock is out, when you're jacking off, when a girl is jacking you off as a secondary action, or when a girl is blowing you as a secondary action. This is still a work in progress.
>-I moved the text balloons around a bit, placing them firmly in the top right corner, so as to leave more space in the center of the screen. This is also a work in process. I definitely need to update the intro scene to look a bit better with this style.
>-A great new classroom backdrop courtesy of Miss Muffin.
>-Plenty of other little tweaks, spelling corrections, bug fixes, and other stuff.
>Please give me plenty of feedback if anything is actually broken or buggy, and also just general impressions about these new systems, what works, what doesn't?

Console Variables:
- Just use "K_" for “Kitty" and....."R_" for “Rogue”....."E_" for "Emma"....."P_" for "Zero" aka Player. L for Laura/X-23 (to be implemented)
- Upper and lower case letters ARE important!!! Spaces [ = ] are NOT

>Player Stats

Playername = “Zero”
P_Male = 1
R_Petname = “sugar” # What Rogue calls the player
R_Petnames = [“sugar”]
R_Pet = “Rogue” # What player calls Rogue
R_Pets = [“Rogue”]
K_Petname = “sweetie” # What Rogue calls the player
K_Petnames = [“sweetie”]
K_Pet = “Kitty” # What player calls Rogue
K_Pets = [“Kitty”]
P_Semen = 2
P_Semen_Max = 3
P_Focus = 0
P_FocusX = 0
P_XP = 0
P_StatPoints = 0
P_XPgoal = 100
P_Lvl = 1
P_Traits = [ ]
P_RecentActions = [ ]
P_DailyActions = [ ]

>Player Inventory Variables
P_Income = 12 # How much money player makes each day
P_Cash = 20 # Modify the Cash

>Rogue Stats [R] / Kitty Stats [K] / Emma Stats [E] /Laura Stats [L] (for other girl stats change 'R' to the letter inside [ ])
R_Love = 500 # Remenber lowest=0, full=1000
R_Inbt = 0 # Remenber lowest=0, full=1000
R_Obed = 0 # Remenber lowest=0, full=1000
R_Lust = 10 # Remenber lowest=0, full=1000
R_LikeKitty = 600
R_Addict = 0 # How addicted she is
R_Addictionrate = 0 # How fast her addiciton rises
R_AddictStore = 0 # Stores her base addiction level
R_Resistance = 0 # How fast her rate falls
R_OCount = 0 # Orgasm counter
R_Loose = 0
R_XP = 0
R_Cheated = 0 # Number of times player cheated on Rogue
R_Break = [0,0] # Minimum time between / total number of break-ups
R_StatPoints = 0
R_XPgoal = 100
R_Lvl = 0
R_Rep = 80
R_Shame = 0 # Shame amount Rogue generates with current clothing/action
R_Taboo = 0 # Taboo level of the location Rogue is at when not with player

>Sexual Encounters
R_Action = 3
R_MaxAction = 3
R_Caught = 0
R_Kissed = 0 # How many times Rogue and player have kissed

Main ones I use below:




Add +=(number) to increase score) or -=(number) to decrease score) at the end of those. no spaces

R_Forced =
R_ForcedCount =

Win: - - -
Mac: - - -
Linux: - - -

Android (v0.983): - - - -
This android port is not released by developer, download at your own risk.


Rogue-Like-3.png Rogue-Like-4.png 1480683710984.jpg 1482878258914.png 6ca6a1 (1).png 1482975393799.png 77ac7dde5a5d8fd9cd92ebae89416e88e1bf13d06b32a198aae675ccf0b0ca4f.png Captureefefeftt.jpg 8.png bandicam_2017-04-23_12-47-44-722.jpg Captureefefefef.jpg Captureewfwefwefwef.jpg Capturegrrgrgrg.jpg
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Aug 5, 2016
Oni's just released version 0.966c.

Haven't modded them yet, I'll give 'em a go soon. I'll see if I can't get the cheat menu working a little more organically like my cheats for SuperPowered. No promises though, I don't want to be spending hours and hours just making a bar draggable.

Also @Thatguy there's a typo in the thread name: It's Rogue-Like, not Rouge-Like. Can you change that? It's a very common misspelling and it drives me crazy haha.


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Aug 5, 2016
Oni's just released version 0.966c.

Haven't modded them yet, I'll give 'em a go soon. I'll see if I can't get the cheat menu working a little more organically like my cheats for SuperPowered. No promises though, I don't want to be spending hours and hours just making a bar draggable.

Also @Thatguy there's a typo in the thread name: It's Rogue-Like, not Rouge-Like. Can you change that? It's a very common misspelling and it drives me crazy haha.
I've updated the thread title plus added your links to the OP, tyvm again SLDR :)


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Aug 5, 2016
lol, I am getting a bit slow at doing this, i literally just checked his Patreon and got the download info and then came to the site too post and it's already here. As for the typo, I know the correct spelling due too this game and auto-correct loves reminding me when I slip up.
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Aug 5, 2016
Is there anything new besides that short Kitty intro?
Nah its mostly UI polish as far as I can see, hoping next release will feature some more fleshed out new content :)


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Aug 5, 2016
As is, the game doesn't have to have Kitty or any other characters and it could qualify as a standalone title. Here's where I take issue, Oni is first and foremost an Artist and his Patreon page's updates reflect this and that in itself can be a slight issue. His overall goal is to spread his art and the game is a side project that he's asking $1 a month for a monthly update but there is a chance at no update that month other than a status update to the game and it seems to be affecting his artwork side as he didn't update anything regarding his artwork for a few weeks while he worked on adding Kitty to the game and editing the UI to include her and we really didn't get any info from the 8/9th to around the 27th as to what was going on. So for the most part I think Oni is dealing with trying to learn how to make the game (doing a good job of it) while juggling other commitments such as Hentai United and his other tiers that don't just reflect the game and that's gonna either kill the game after Kitty is successfully implemented (sex scene is supposed to be missionary) or until he at least finishes off the additional position scenes for Rouge and maybe Kitty that he is supposed to do after Kitty is added.


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Aug 5, 2016
Can someone edit the OP and link to my Mega folder instead of linking the individual cheat builds? It'll help clean up that clutter of links and you don't have to update it since the folder link stays the same.

Anyway, I revamped the interface to be more organic like the SuperPowered cheat builds. You can drag the meters at the top to change their values and the money and level cheats are found in the inventory now since Oni is using the Rogue icon to switch between Kitty and Rogue's stats. Hopefully nothing's broken.

I'm also running into tons of errors while trying to compile the Android build, so no ETA on an Android version for now, sorry.


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Aug 5, 2016
Can someone edit the OP and link to my Mega folder instead of linking the individual cheat builds? It'll help clean up that clutter of links and you don't have to update it since the folder link stays the same.
Done :)


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Aug 5, 2016
Apparently this is mostly bug fixes and very less additions. The next update is supposedly gonna be big with a new character, Shadowcat :)


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Aug 5, 2016
Tyvm :)

Anyone have a changelog ?
From the dev -

  1. Ok, so unless there are some unexpected showstoppers here, this should be a more stable version of the previous build, correcting any immediate bugs that people pointed out in it. I'm still working behind the scenes on additional new content, but today's won't have anything that wasn't in 0.966c, it should just fix a few bugs, like with entering Rogue's room, with Rogue showing up during the Kitty scene, stuff like that.
  2. Btw, I changed the conditions for Kitty's scene so it won't launch if Rogue's in your party, which should have been a condition in the first place. ;)
  3. One thing I'm working on is trying to resolve some of those bugs that happen when you load an older save game. I think I'm onto a fix, which won't be in this build, but will make the next one and should correct many of those errors. If you do get errors loading old saves, let me know what message is popping up. I usually only need the line directly above where it says "full traceback," and never need anything below there (sometimes the several lines above that can matter, but I'll let you know). I don't expect to support saves that go back to the ancient versions of the game, but I hope that I can make it so that saves will be stable from here on in, I don't want people to have to start from scratch with every build, especially if I'm going to be making it slower to level stuff.
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