Jul 16, 2017
Yea sure but those are at least complete and are not pretending to be something else. Besides those however the best Hgames come from japan, literally no competition there.
I completely agree with you. While I don't loathe western devs for their incomplete hgames, and the fact that none of them really had any large replay value (over 50 hours+ of gameplay like in "Sengoku Rance" for eg) I think they should at least try at the bare mininum to complete their games and make a complete V1 hgames, and add additional contents as DLC. 99% of the time, when I see V0 besides a game I skip it.


Nov 13, 2017
can you explain that a little further? i have only played about 10 mins so far to test if the unpacking worked. so what exactly do you mean by 'the recollection room is in japanese unless you play the english version' ?

this version is completely translated, or not? do i need another patch in order to get the collection room in english? im a little confused.
You do not need any other patches to see the recollection room in English. Every time you unlock a scene a file is created in the system folder that unlocks the scene for you, this file contains all of the scene information including language. So if I were to take the files from a Japanese version of the game and put them in an English version of the game they would end up still being Japanese. If you want to see the scenes in English while using the recollection room then you need to see the scenes while playing the English version.
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Apr 22, 2017
hi guys i dont understand, when you extract the game using the winrar, just before you extract the game, go to options, then name encoding, and select the Japanese shift .
where select japanese shift ?
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