[RPGM] [Completed] Marle - The Labyrinth of the Black Sea [v1.02] [Yumenamakon/Kagura Games]

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Oct 7, 2017
but thats not corruption. im only talking about the corruption genre. im not saying that every genre should be like this lol.
this game here isnt tagged as corruption, so im not shit talking it. i ismply asked if it has any corruption or not.

but my point was that there are TONS of games that are tagged as corruption but in reality are not. e.g. basically like every kagura game, even most of clymenia games arent real corruption ( looking at you, justice league 2 aka slut after the third scene out of 60 or so )
But can't that also be called corruption if at the start, the girl protag like / is interested in sex in a vanilla way, but then she get "corrupted" in trying / enjoying more and more rough, heavy, fetish-oriented non-vanilla sex.

Like the clymenia games you mentionned, President Yukino and the likes. First the mc has her boyfriend and life is happy, then because of some events she get more and more corrupted with cheating/ public/ rape/ gang bang/ bondage etc ?

imo, corruption games can also be made that way. When you're talking about a girl who get raped while crying and then finally enjoy it at the end of the game, I'd rather call that with the "mind-break" tag instead of corruption.

Or for example, technobrake games, girl start as a slut/ nympho. But she try more and more rough play along the way until she get corrupted to a point of "not-going-back"
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Thant San

Jun 2, 2018
This game was a nice material as there are consecutive sexes once you reached the later part of the game... The story was not really that good though
3.70 star(s) 7 Votes